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Jack & Jones


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The story of JACK & JONES begins in 1990 when BESTSELLER sends their young and passionate representative to the Oslo Fashion Fair with a modest but carefully selected fashion range for young men. Its popularity exceeds all expectations, and a new brand of men’s fashion is born. In the years that follow, JACK & JONES grows into one of the leading jeans brands in the market, with hundreds of stores opening within the space of a few years.

Today JACK & JONES is one of the leading European men’s fashion manufacturers with more than a thousand stores in 38 countries. JACK & JONES fashion is also for sale in thousands of partner stores all over the world. Jeans are still the backbone of JACK & JONES, which now covers three lifestyles: JACK & JONES PREMIUM, JACK & JONES CORE and JACK & JONES ORIGINALS. Complemented with footwear and accessories, the brand now meets all the style and fashion needs of young men.


JACK & JONES PREMIUM is the mature and updated division of JACK & JONES. This lifestyle attracts mature customers with the higher-quality products of its two ranges: BLACK and BLUE.
BLACK represents more accessible menswear accentuated by sharp lines and black and white colouring.
BLUE consists of jeans outfits based on an appreciation of timeless craftsmanship. It is a tribute to iconic, well-tailored leisure wear.


JACK & JONES CORE is urban street fashion, monochrome and sporty leisure wear. It is inspired by street trends emphasising details and graphics.

JACK & JONES CORE clothes are made for the urban lifestyle, focusing on workwear, jeans and sports. Each garment and each style is inspired by continuous innovation.

The garments combine strong graphic looks with clear-cut lines, technical qualities and details inspired by sports. They are the answer to the need for city and sports outfits of a high quality.


JACK & JONES ORIGINALS combines the main elements of men’s fashion with high quality. Its neat, affordable and original looks are inspired by young urban street cultures all over the world. It is jeans, trendy looks and the season’s colours in every garment – expect surprises and lots of attitude.

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