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Kookenkä is the largest shoe shop chain in Finland, with 37 shops in 27 towns and an online store that serves you 24/7.

Kookenkä has a wide selection of popular brands. Our competent staff will help you find the best shoes for you for every occasion.

You are welcome to browse our shoes at Kookenkä on Goodman’s top floor.


With the Plussa card, you will get benefits and offers, as well as Plussa points for your purchases. If you haven’t got your Plussa card yet or would like to read more about K-Plussa, visit www.plussa.com/K-Plussa-in-English.


The Koo Club is a customer club for people interested in fashion and shoes.  Koo Club members receive a monthly email update on shoe fashion and Kookenkä.

There are also various contests and substantial Club benefits for members. You can also use our new Shoe Alert service that will notify you as soon as interesting shoes have arrived in your nearest Kookenkä shop. Join the Koo Club here: k-oma.fi/koo-club/.


Consumers selected Kookenkä as the most trusted shoe shop chain in Finland.
Kookenkä was voted the most trusted shoe shop chain with a clear majority – 59 per cent of the nominations in the category – in the annual Trusted Brand survey conducted by Reader’s Digest. This category was included in the survey for the first time in 2017.

Kookenkä was trusted particularly highly by families with children. Among respondents with children under 16, as much as 74 per cent nominated Kookenkä as the most trusted shoe shop chain.  Those under 50 years old also trusted Kookenkä a lot, with 66 per cent nominating it as the most trusted brand.

At first, respondents of the survey were asked in an open question to nominate their most trusted brand in each product category. Then, respondents had to rate their most trusted brands in terms of five attributes on a scale of 1 to 5. The qualitative attributes were quality, excellence value, strong image, understanding of customer needs and social responsibility. Respondents were also asked if they had used the brand they selected during the past 12 months and whether they would recommend it to others.

Read more at http://www.luotetuinmerkki.fi/.

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